“ Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe

Twinset started from1987 by Simona Barbierie and her Husband in Capri and owned one of the largest global equity company and today Twinset evolves with146 stores worldwide consist of 87 retail stores, 59 franchise stores and counting.

Twinset has 5 contemporary line with a very distinct DNA such as Bohemian new romantic (30-55 years), Urban and sweet rock (20-40 years), 24 hours easy chic (20-35 years), Seductive and feminine (18-40 years), Glamorous and funny (0-16), as considered manifesto of Twinset “We believe a womans fabolous complexity should be celebrates and not hidden” as “We want to unveil woman of beauty” and stands for a contemporary multitasking woman of today.

In keeping with Varisco, Pleasedontbuy has a number of benefits over conventional on-line garments rental formulation: The garments might be tried in-store, they arrive instantly from the producer and they’re at all times laundered and in mint situation. Certainly, Twinset has arrange, apart from an advert hoc logistics organisation, additionally an inner laundry service and a seamstress studio for minor repairs.    Learn More

Twinset Villaggio Location  :  Canal Area
Products  :  Clothing & Accesories
Type of Business  :  Retail
Opening Hours  : 

Weekdays (Sun-Wed) – 9am to 10pm; Weekend (Thu & Sat) – 9am to 11pm; Friday 1pm to 11pm.