“ Paradise on your plate. “

Tuile is a renowned name that carries its uniqueness and committed to expanding globally. It is Food & Dining that it promotes and develops; with a combination of traditional and modern values. Anticipating market trends and investing time and effort to fully understand customer needs, we go to great lengths to provide products and solutions of superior value through a business partnership with every customer that is characterized by professionalism and mutual trust.

The menu is consists of widely popular desserts from all around the world with a special Tuile touch to ensure that every customer can find their favorite. Some desserts are of their original recipes, while others have a trendy twist, adding a whole new concept to the dessert. Aside from the in store menu, customers may also have their pick from an order out menu for catering purposes.

Tuile all its sensational offerings strive to restore our earth and society to balance, sustainability, reason and wellness. It will foster a vision to make things happen and encourage the creation of an inspired enjoyable, prosperous sustainable and enlightened society and world that works for all beings.

Serving an array of delicacies, chocolate pastries, crepes, waffles and a selection of hot and cold chocolate drinks, Sandwiches Breakfast menu.