“ Good food. Good cheer. Good times. “

Food and Beverages – these two substances go along with the modern individuals on day to day life and in the food industry.

People are now more likely to try new things on daily basis and interested to other food cuisines. They are bored with their drab way of living and that’s where they start exploring new and interesting ideas to make life more amazing.

And in their quest of an exciting life style, Luxury Restaurants expand their food and beverage division to play a key role in food industry along with more extravagant ideas that can be thrilling in the market.

Among the full list of restaurants around qatar market that are produced by the food and beverage industry, soft drinks are always found on the top as the augmentation of beverage on which the companies bigger.

Soft drinks are adored by almost everyone; even people who are forbidden by their nutritionists cannot help but drinks crazily with their good meals.

Foods are part of our daily lives and human lives are so much depend on foods, even from the very primitive ages

In the modern age, food processing has grown at a rapid rate and resulted in creating so many food and beverage companies which can easily be known on the industry.

The Luxury Restaurants has 8 brands and we have 16 outlets in middle east.